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Aug. 20th, 2015 01:01 am

The Grand Meme of Britishness (via [personal profile] miss_s_b)

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  1. Marmite - love or hate?
    Ew no.
  2. Marmalade - thick cut or thin cut?
  3. Porridge - made with milk or water?
  4. Do you like salt, sugar or honey on your porridge?
    …I'm a monster who eats the Oat So Simple flavoured stuff, actually. But if I were eating actual porridge, the tiniest amount of stevia, or failing that, sugar.
  5. Loose tea or teabags?
  6. Where on your door is your letterbox?
    The bottom.
  7. What's your favourite curry?
  8. What age is the place where you live?
    There was a Roman fort here named Mancunium in 79AD. They're still working on building it…
    Stockport is about a millennium newer but I don't have an attempt at a funny comment about that.
  9. Where do the folks running your local corner shop come from?
    I haven't ever thought to ask, but I know the guy who owns it has done longer than I've been alive (although his son runs it now) - so wherever he came from originally, he comes from here, now, I should think.
  10. Instant or fresh coffee?
    Fresh. What kind of heathen would ask such a thing in a world where AeroPress exists?!
  11. How far are you from the sea?
    About 50 miles away - Brighton-le-Sands in Merseyside.
  12. Have you travelled via Eurostar?
  13. If you were going to travel abroad, where's the nearest country to you?
    Probably the Republic of Ireland.
  14. If you're female (or possible even some males) do you carry a handbag?
    No, not really. Usually bicycle luggage, a rucksack, a messenger bag, or a small shoulder bag though. They're all either too bike, too big, or too small to be considered a handbag.
  15. Do you have a garden? What do you like growing?
    Yes, but I don't grow anything, that's my brother's domain. His tomatoes are yummy, though.
  16. Full cream, semi skimmed or skimmed?
    The 1% stuff.
  17. Which London terminal would you travel into if going to the capital?
  18. Is there a local greasy spoon where you live?
  19. Do you keep Euros in the house?
    Only because I acquired them for the first few days of living in Finland, and haven't done anything else with them, just in case I'm able to rearrange.
  20. Do you have a well known local artist or author?
    LS Lowry was from Salford, which isn't far away - and he frequently painted Stockport into his images.
  21. Do you have a favourite Corrie character?
    Norris cracks me up, but I don't actively watch it, I just see bits of it when mum's watching it…
  22. Are your kitchen sink taps separate or a mixer?
  23. Do you have a favourite brand of blended tea?
  24. What's in your attic if you have one?
    My bedroom.
  25. If you go out for a cream tea, what jam do you like on your scone?
  26. Talking of scones- scon or scown? Jam or cream first?
    Scown, and jam first.
  27. Barth or bath?
  28. Carstle or castle?
  29. What flavour of crisps do you favour?
    Cheese and onion.
  30. If you go to the chippie, what do you like with your chips?
    I haven't for years and years, but I used to have that smoked sausage I can never remember the name of. Now I'm vegetarian, so… I don't know? That said, there's a lovely café near work which does proper chippy chips and "vegetarian fish" (aka deep fried halloumi) and omgdelicious.
  31. Take away, take out or carry out?
    Take away.
  32. If you have one, what colour is your wheelie bin?
    We have several - black for rubbish, green for compost, blue for paper/card, and brown for tins/glass.
  33. What colour skips does your local skip hire use?
    Yellow? I've never really paid attention.
  34. Do you celebrate Guy Fawkes?
    I like fireworks and cinder toffee. Whilst I appreciate the tale of Guy Fawkes refusing to incriminate his co-conspirators, I'm less keen on the fact that he tried to blow people up in the first place. Still: fireworks are pretty!
  35. Dettol or TCP?
    ASDA own brand…
  36. Do you have a bidet in the bathroom?
  37. Do you prefer courgettes or aubergines?
  38. In the 'real world', do you have friends of other nationalities? Which nationalities?
    Yes - German, American, Italian, Irish (not Northern).
  39. Do you have a holy book of any sort in the house?
  40. I think my mum still keeps my stepdad's childhood Bible; even though he was a staunch atheist, he was very attached to it.
  41. Do you prefer a hankie or tissues?
  42. Are you a fan of crumpets? What do you like on them?
    Yes. Margarine/soya spread/something.
  43. Doorbell, knocker or both?
    We have a doorbell. Most people ignore it, and either knock or just walk straight in.
  44. Do you own a car? What sort?
    No. I have a steel touring bike with racy wheels.
  45. Anyone still a fan of suspenders?
    Yes, sometimes.
  46. Do you have a favourite quote from the bard?
  47. Do you like toasted muffins?
    …see, I think of muffins as being dessert, so HELL NO. I like toasted Lancashire oven bottoms though. Stop giggling at the back.
  48. Do you think a traditional trifle should contain jelly?
  49. Do you attend regular religious worship? Of what kind?
    No. I used to begrudgingly show my face at the Midnight Christmas Eve carol service but I haven't been for a few years, and now they're trying to sell our nearest church to turn into flats or something.
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