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Feb. 18th, 2016 10:34 am


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Last night, I changed the time on my alarm clock but forgot to set it - largely because I fell asleep whilst still doing stuff on my phone (which also meant that my phone didn't get charged).

Thankfully, I have a recurring alarm for 07:30, which is when I usually wake up when I'm already at work - and the very nifty Android Doze meant that I only lost 2% battery overnight, so that alarm went off.

But. Guess what time train I had planned on catching this morning? Yeah: 07:30.

(Very glad last night's glance at the weather forecast informed me that I'd likely not make it to work in one piece if I attempted cycling in due to ice. No way I'd have been up and out of the door in 25 minutes if I had to get a bike ready too.)

Still got to work 15 minutes before my shift started though. Boom :)
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