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Jul. 28th, 2017 12:30 pm

Racing to a Future of Autonomous Cars

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Posted by ARRAY(0xab49fa0)

The Robocar, a fully autonomous electric racecar, recently debuted in Times Square, New York City. Watch how the Roborace team behind it imagine a new motorsport and how the Robocar might accelerate...

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July 28th, 2017next

July 28th, 2017: San Diego Comic Con was AMAZING: I met so many great and interesting readers, got to meet some people that I really admire, and won two (TWO!) Eisner Awards, for my work on Squirrel Girl and Jughead! IT WAS PRETTY AMAZING!!

– Ryan

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Posted by Mark Liberman

Another milestone in the history of NYT editorial policy: Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman, "Anthony Scaramucci’s Uncensored Rant: Foul Words and Threats to Have Priebus Fired", 7/27/2017:

Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” he said. […]

“I’m not Steve Bannon. I’m not trying to suck my own cock,” he said.

There's more "colorful language" where that came from — see Ryan Lizza, "Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon", The New Yorker 7/27/2017. But uncensored quoting of taboo language has a longer history in that magazine.

Still, yesterday's article is not the NYT's first F-bomb — according to Tim Murphy, "No, the New York Times Didn't Change Its 'Fuck' Policy", Mother Jones 8/26/2013:

The Times‘ anti-profanity editorial policy is, as Salon has chronicled before, often absurd, leading to the awkward censorship of band names, book titles, and, at least once, the vice president of the United States. But it only applies to nonfiction. A quick  search through  the  paper’s  archives  reveals  dozens  of  instances  of  F-bombs  casually  inserted in  fiction  excerpts. Most of the time those are online-only features that supplement print reviews, but occasionally the word makes its way into the paper itself. And in some extenuating circumstances, such as the publication of the 1998 Starr Report, the paper’s news desk has consented to publish the F-word as it appears in quotes.

Some previous LLOG coverage of twists and turns, mostly on the non-fiction side:

"No fuckin' winking at the Times", 8/17/2005
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"Larkin v. the Gray Lady", 4/16/2012
"The first 'asshole' in the Times?", 4/16/2012
"Not taking shit from the President?", 6/1/2014


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Posted by Annie Sneed

The vice president-turned-environmental crusader takes viewers to climate change’s front lines in his documentary sequel

-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
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Posted by Matthew Sedacca

A study of Ugandan men identified several bacterial strains associated with a higher likelihood of acquiring the virus

-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
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Posted by Sebastian Anthony

Enlarge / A man with a giant spool of fibre-optic cable. (credit: Michael Smith/Getty Images)

Hyperoptic, which is now claiming to be the UK's largest gigabit FTTP ISP, has secured an investment of £100 million to accelerate the expansion of its network.

350,000 homes and businesses can sign up for Hyperoptic, which offers symmetrical 1Gbps Internet connectivity for about £60 per month. With the £100 million injection of funds, Hyperoptic says it will expand its 1Gbps service to cover two million premises by 2022 and five million by 2025.

Last year, BT (now Openreach) said it planned to roll out FTTP to two million homes by 2020. Virgin Media, as part of a larger expansion of its cable (hybrid-fibre coaxial) network, said it would install FTTP to around one million homes in the same period. There are a number of regional FTTP providers, such as Gigaclear and CityFibre, but they're a lot smaller than Hyperoptic. Just this morning, as part of its quarterly results, Openreach announced that a total of 550,000 homes now have access to "ultrafast" (100Mbps+) connectivity via FTTP (~350,000) and G.fast (~200,000).

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Jul. 28th, 2017 07:07 am


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last night, I went to see part 2 of Angels in America, where the "have you no decency" quote from the McCarthy hearings plays a prominent role, and this morning before I'd looked at any news, Chad said to me, "so, McCain, huh?"

honestly it seems a little on-point, I'm afraid to trust it.
Jul. 28th, 2017 11:51 am


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Played a little local summer garden concert last night, something that was becoming a bit of a local tradition for me and the people concerned here in Kentish Town/Tufnell Park but I hadn't done last year because of the accident. Interesting that a lot of people who were coming and looking forward to it, etc, didn't. Luckily other people did. I think it went reasonably well, although playing in the open on a day like yesterday -with gusts of wind, temperature dropping, etc- was a bit of a chore at times, with frozen sticky fingers...

One thing that I used to do at some point but I never quite know how to 'sell' is the idea of the house recital: sit fifteen or twenty people in a living room (sounds like a lot but a normal living room can hold twenty people ok without them being too cosy, on folding chairs or similar), give them a guitar concert with a glass of wine in the interval, charge them twenty quid and give half of that to a local charity. It is a lovely idea and something that works very well with classical guitar.. everybody comes out happy, I get a little bit of money (which for a freelance musician/music teacher ..) and a local charity gets a little bit of support. But I'm hopeless at actually persuading people that it is a good idea to host one of these...
Jul. 28th, 2017 12:00 pm

Interesting Links for 28-07-2017

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Jul. 28th, 2017 10:45 am

Robots, Start Your Engines!

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Posted by ARRAY(0xafac3a0)

Roborace is creating a new motorsport to accelerate the arrival of self-driving cars

-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
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Posted by Kelly Fiveash

Enlarge (credit: Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

Pre-tax profit at BT nosedived more than 40 percent during the telecoms giant's first quarter after it absorbed the aftermath of the Italian accounting scandal.

In a move to offset legal action from Deutsche Telekom and Orange—the previous owners of EE—BT said it had settled warranty claims to the tune of £225 million "arising from the previously reported issues in Italy."

The German and French carriers, at the time of the £12.5 billion sale of EE to BT, invested large stakes in the UK's former state monopoly. But the Italian accounting scandal, which forced BT to writedown hundreds of millions of pounds in costs, led to a profit warning to the City with shares tumbling nearly 20 percent.

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Jul. 28th, 2017 05:24 am


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"We are not sheep or cows. God didn't create fences for us or boundaries to contain our nationalities. Man did. God didn't draw up religious barriers to separate us from each other. Man did. And on top of that, no father would like to see his children fighting or killing each other. The Creator favors the man who spreads loves over the man who spreads hate. A religious title does not make anyone more superior over another. If a kind man stands by his conscience and exhibits truth in his words and actions, he will stand by God regardless of his faith. If mankind wants to evolve, we must learn from our past mistakes. If not, our technology will evolve without us." -- Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem [via Goodreads]

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Posted by Annalee Newitz

Claude Doumet-Serhal

The Canaanites are famous as the bad guys of the Book of Joshua in the Tanakh, or the Hebrew Bible. First, God orders the Hebrews to destroy the Canaanites along with several other groups, and later we hear that the Canaanites have actually been wiped out. Among archaeologists, however, the Canaanites are a cultural group whose rise and fall has remained a mystery. Now, a group of archaeologists and geneticists has discovered strong evidence that the Canaanites were not wiped out. They are, in fact, the ancestors of modern Lebanese people.

The Canaanites were a people who lived three to four thousand years ago off the coast of the Mediterranean, and their cities were spread across an area known today as Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Syria. Though they were one of the first civilizations in the area to use writing, they wrote most of their documents on papyrus leaves that didn't survive. As a result, our only information about these people has come from their rivals and enemies, like the Hebrews, whose accounts were likely biased.

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The discussion that took place in Swansea Council's debating chamber last night on the non-electrification of the main line between Swansea and Cardiff highlighted perfectly the many contradictions in the UK Tory Government's environmental policies.

The UK Government want to ban diesel and petrol cars and yet they are reluctant to approve projects that will produce non-carbon electricity to charge the replacement electric vehicles. We are still waiting for the go-ahead for the Swansea tidal lagoon.

They deny Swansea and all points west of Cardiff, the long-promised electrification of our railway line and offer polluting diesel trains on that route instead. So diesel cars are out but not diesel trains.

The Welsh Government are equally culpable of course. They are planning a £1 billion M4 by-pass around Newport that will compromise five SSSIs. That money would be better spent on electrifying the mainline past Cardiff plus all the various branch lines.

The inconsistency does not stop there. As the Independent reports, at the same time as UK Ministers are extolling the virtues of electric vehicles, key policies to cut the estimated 40,000 premature deaths from toxic air every year are being dumped.

A plan for a Government-led “scrappage scheme” – to get diesel cars off Britain’s roads quickly – has been rejected as poor value for money. Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, also shelved proposals to charge drivers to enter the most-polluted towns and cities, shifting the responsibility on to local councils and imposing tests.

We need to more much faster on measures to tackle air pollution and with considerably more consistency. A commitment from governments of all political hue to do what is necessary to meet targets would be a start.
Jul. 28th, 2017 01:49 am


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Posted by Cyrus Farivar

Enlarge (credit: Kamal Verma)

The following post contains spoilers of Reply All episode #102: Long Distance, which was released on July 27, 2017. If you don't wish to know what happens in that episode, read no further.

Here at Ars, we are no strangers to online tech support scammers. For years now, we have played along with scammers, cajoled them, and called them out on their tricks. Such scams are notoriously difficult to shut down.

But we never even dreamed of doing what the podcast Reply All has done in an amazing episode that was released Thursday morning: doggedly pursue corporate records, find Facebook profiles of at least one company executive, and even manage to have extended conversations with one of them before trying to confront him. In person. In India.

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Jul. 28th, 2017 04:00 am

SoftOrbits Flash Drive Recovery 3.1

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Posted by GOTD_Editor

SoftOrbits Flash Drive Recovery is a data recovery utility. It can restore data from any type of storage media (music sticks, USB drives, PC cards, flash drives, digital cameras, etc). This software recovers all corrupted and deleted documents, photos, mp3 and other files even if a memory card was re-formatted. You can preview recovered photos and other documents with the free trial version. You do not need to set any restoration options - the entire process is done automatically with a built-in data recovery wizard.

SoftOrbits Flash Drive Recovery allows you to: - Restore files from various storage media including: xD Picture Card, Smart Media Card, Zip Disk, Sony Memory Stick, Floppy disk, Secure Digital Cards, Compact Flash card, Digital camera, Flash Card, MicroDrive, USB disks and many others. - Preview and restore JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, TGA and other images. - Preview and restore RAW images (PEF, CRW, RAF, CR2, NEF, RAW and other formats).

Purchase an Unlimited personal license (with support and updates) at 70% discount!

Jul. 28th, 2017 03:29 am

Firefox is dead, long live Firefox

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I've used this browser for roughly 12 years, about the same length of time I used Photobucket before deciding I'll have to dump it, too (only halfway through that process; I've already deleted one account - though after the two day wait they impose to delete it, they still haven't, so I'll probably have to slug that out with them sometime soon - but haven't worked with already-downloaded pictures yet from the other).

But between Firefox turning into Chrome, Photobucket turning into an elite art gallery and LJ turning into a Soviet spy weapon (that I was never going back to anyway, but forgive me while I indulge my sentimentality) and all the sites I've used or hung out at that either morphed into some alien form or went down or out of business over the years the web as I once knew it increasingly no longer exists. I mean, I hate Wordpress, so that doesn't even count (but another 12 years, intermittently, wasted using it.)

But Firefox above all else is killlllling me. The other night I said WP's "PHP-from-hell backend" slowed Firefox to a crawl? Until it was like steering an 18 wheeler uphill with no automatic transmission in the snow for seven hours (my arms actually hurt from this when it was all said and done; even my stomach muscles got a workout): I couldn't scroll without pulling and pulling down, couldn't copy and paste without waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for each tiny operation to complete, and I'm making hundreds of them as I'm working with literally hundreds of pictures and it's not even occurring to me to switch to another browser because I automatically blame Wordpress. Because Wordpress.

If the world ended tomorrow? Wordpress. And it actually is the only site I'm on that changes Firefox from merely "slow and dodgy, uncooperative, stubborn, too difficult to use" into "just impossible, this is ridiculous".

So I got on tonight and Firefox was acting the same way while loading up and then while using Google and then while checking my email as it was on Wordpress and I'm like, wait a second...it's not Wordpress, I'm not even logged in, their page is not even open in my browser, so it must be fucking Firefox. I check my add-ons and had five "not compatible with multiprocess" messages when my browser won't even run e10s because Mozilla's disabled it. Fucking hell.

So I flat out removed two of them which lost me one of my favorite add-ons - DT Whois - and MeasureIt, which stopped working when e10s rolled out about a month ago, so that was no loss because Firefox has already killed it. I restarted Firefox and while it still feels slow by say, Chromium standards, which are insane (as is my connection, but that's impossible to tell if my browser isn't fast enough) I'm using it. And not being tormented by it. Yet.

But I had to be tormented in using Wordpress for hours the other night over another site ransoming my images. Then it turned out the site I was being tormented on was not at fault, it was Firefox, and the reason Firefox was tormenting me was over add-ons incompatible with e10s, when my browser doesn't even support e10s, which has already led to the untimely death of one of my favorite add-ons because Firefox is killing compatibility on purpose in order to turn itself into Google Chrome. Does that even make any sense? Yet that's how it all went down. It's just...

I was not prepared to make the rant above until I actually did but the whole reason I even opened this window was to post this image with the comment that Firefox has literally thrown itself at Google's feet in making the switch from their own style of browser to the competition's:

Firefox uses web dialog boxes to bow and scrape toward Google

The full text of the web dialog box I got at The Add-On Bar Restored (another incompatible add-on) with emphasis mine:

Some add-ons ask for permission to perform certain functions. Since you’re in control of your Firefox, the choice to grant or deny these requests is yours.

Please note this add-on uses legacy technology, which gives it access to all browser functions and data without requesting your permission.

No, motherfuckers, you've got that all wrong, so let me fix it for you: It uses your technology which you never coded to ask permission, which you then chose to abandon instead of improving it - and in doing so abandoned us as well - for the great white locked-down Google way.

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