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I've been thinking this week, about being a Londoner.

I wasn’t born there, and I no longer live there, but I experienced a weird feeling of being home when I stepped off my coach at Victoria on Saturday. I first declared that city my second home half a decade ago, and it feels like nothing and everything has changed.

I was so engrossed in my book that I hadn't noticed our pace slow as we left the motorway, and I looked up and out of the window somewhere near Finsbury Park, and seeing a familiar red bus, and roundels everywhere, and I felt this sense of happiness and calm.

And when I think about what people say "makes" a Londoner, it's the daft things like knowing where to stand on the Tube platform, so that when you get off the train again you can make your escape quickly, and instinctively knowing where your Oyster is at all times. It's knowing that if you want to change from the Victoria to Northern line, you should avoid Euston at all costs and go for Warren Street instead. It's looking at the lights lining the Thames after the sun has set, and loving them like you would stars in the country. It's having a favourite indie coffee shop. It's being defensive about which side of the river is better - south, in case you hadn't realised. It's the comforting rumble of the Tube trains you profess to hate (and your Twitter app remembering the hashtag #TfaiL, for ease of making your friends in other cities cringe and sigh...)

I will always be a Northern lass, as I put it over the weekend, a Mancunian even. ([twitter.com profile] tomscott remarked, somehow surprised: "your accent has got so much more Manchester while you've been gone!", as if I'd only really left for a holiday...)

...but I reckon I'm still a Londoner too, in a small way.

Even if I do make eye contact with people on the bus now and again.

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My train driver between London Bridge and Finchley Central this evening explained that our train was being diverted up the High Barnet branch due to a "small incident" at Hendon Central.

I guess it's fine if that's what he wants to call it, but I personally wouldn't call the points system bursting into flames "a small incident".

Just sayin'.
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I've been on this planet almost 23 years, and in that time, I've lived in five different towns and cities, and visited many more, and I just keep falling in love with places. I'm hopeless for it. It first happened in the Goyt Valley when I was six, sitting there and watching the river churn over the weir. As I grew older, Manchester claimed my heart, and then followed Pembrokeshire and the North Yorkshire coast, Oxford and Cambridge, London... London. I've had a secret crush on London for years, and then five months ago, I was given the chance to go anywhere I felt like, and I thought about it hard, but in the end, I knew there was only one choice. I have never felt quite so at home as I do here.

Sometimes it seems that the going is just too rough and things go wrong no matter what I do. Now and then it seems that life is just too much, but you've got the love I need to see me through.
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Tonight I ended up unexpectedly seeing a midnight performance of Macbeth with [livejournal.com profile] mattp at Shakespeare's Globe.

We stood in the yard, and by the end of both acts, it was 3am and our feet were killing us, but we headed off to find night buses on foot anyway, walking along the south bank of the river as far as Blackfriars, then along the north bank to the Hungerford foot bridge and up to Trafalgar Square, talking all the way, about the play and how wonderful and beautiful and fabulous London is.

It's now 5:50am, and I'm finally about to crash into bed; I'll catch a little under four hours sleep before I head out again, but I'm happy, really happy.

I love my city. I'm so glad I moved here.
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Foursquare is my latest fun timewaster: it's a game which purports to be about finding new ways to explore your city but is really just a pointless exercise in wasting your iPhone battery checking into the places you visit and collecting badges for things like going to three places with photobooths or spending a lot of time at the gym. If you check into a place more than anybody else, you become the mayor and get a little crown next to your name when you visit.

On the web interface, you can add tags to different places which help you get badges, and to "let people know what they can expect to find". Some choice tags from the page for London Bridge train station: delays, despair, insanity, pain, stare into the abyss and suffering.

You can also add "things to do" at various places; a few of the more hilarious ones include:
  • "Resist the urge to madly punch other passengers during the morning commute."
  • "Abandon hope all ye who enter here."
  • During peak hours, wear a pair of Heelys or a jet pack to enhance & hasten your commute.

Whoever said Londoners don't have a sense of humour? :-)
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It appears I am moving to London. Greenwich, to be precise, with [personal profile] nanaya and [personal profile] alextiefling. I'm taking just a suitcase of essentials for now and coming back for the rest of my stuff when I can. This is big and scary, but it's what I've wanted for a long time, and sometimes you just have to go for it.

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