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Strava's distance challenge this month is 120km; I couldn't decide on a place to go, so at 09:15 this morning, I set off from work just outside Manchester city centre and decided to see where I felt like going.

Opted to turn right at first major junction on reasoning that I'd never turned down that road before; passed through Sale and Altrincham, then Warrington. Began to get rained on. Started thinking about maybe heading for Formby and going to that beach with statues on, but then spotted a signpost for Daresbury, the birthplace of Lewis Caroll, and remembered that one of the British Cycle Quest clues is there, along with a visitor centre which I reckoned would sell me a brew to help me warm up. In actual fact, it was attached to a church, and the brews were provided at a suggested donation of 20p, or 50p with biscuits. They got the handful of spare change from my wallet, and I had lovely stem ginger biscuits and alright (instant) coffee.

Whilst there, I examined the BCQ question book and decided to pick up a second answer in Chester. Arriving there with 65km on my GPS, I stopped for lunch, decided I was cold and wet and would be happier heading in the direction of home instead of somewhere else, so scrapped my "ride 100km, look for a train station, and get a train home" idea, and aimed for the Cheshire Cycleway to get me out of the town centre and vaguely north-east-wards again.

But of course, Chester has a lot of cycle routes, and I picked one with signs saying Connah's Quay in one direction, and Chester Town Centre in the other, thought to myself "well, I've just come from Chester so it must be the other way", and set off.

Sometime after this, I pass a sign welcoming me to Wales. I stopped to consider if I wanted to attempt to navigate Chester town centre again, decided I didn't, took a silly photo of myself at the border, and figured I may as well see how far I could get around the North Wales coast before hitting 120km.

Katie looking quizzically at Welsh border sign

116km landed me on the doorstep of a lovely cycling shop/café called Bike Hub in Rhyl Harbour, with divine blueberry cheesecake.

Cheesecake, a cup of coffee and my helmet, with Rhyl Harbour in the background

They didn't believe me the first time I said I got lost and was aiming for Manchester but took a wrong turning in Chester, only when I showed them the photo of me at the border.

120.0km exactly landed me at the entrance to Rhyl train station, with six minutes until the next Manchester train, and four minutes to a Chester one.

Of course, the Manchester one was a Virgin Trains service, which have mandatory bike reservations even when there are no other bikes on board, and a overzealous guard enforcing the (not-always-enforced) rule, so I ended up on the Chester train, and then changing again in Crewe.

122km later, I arrived home from my slightly-more-Welsh-than-usual commute, and am now in bed with my Kindle. It has been a grey and geographically-challenging but very fun day :)
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Written end of July 2015, post-dated to the day of the ride for some kind of historical accuracy.

The website I use to log my cycle rides, Strava, has monthly challenges one can enter, which include km-per-month (starting at 250km and increasing in increments of same up to 1250km) and also a "Gran Fondo" - usually 100km in a single ride, but during the summer months, they encourage you to get out on your bike more by progressively increasing the distance to 115km in June, 130km in July and 150km in August. In June, I hit the first one by adding the extra distance onto the end of the Great Manchester Cycle, but for July, I invented my own ride: getting myself from home, across the Pennines and to a lovely cycling café I discovered in York last year.

Fisheye photo of Katie, standing with their bike ahead of their big ride to York

I set off at about 9am, and immediately my GPS began to worry me, telling me that Strava's estimated ride time of 5.5 hours was out by an hour and that I should have left at around 8am instead in order to get there at the same time as the Yorkshire-based friends I'd planned to meet. Indeed, a quick bit of mental arithmetic as I made my way to the main road, and I began to realise the GPS was probably right; I usually ride at about 20kph, so I was looking at 5 hours just for the first century, never mind the final 33km after it.

I figured, nothing I could do for it except update the friends and say I'd just let them know when I was about an hour out of York, so they could make their respective ways to the cafe.

About an hour later, I realised things had gone slightly wrong again: as I passed a sign labelled "Woodhead", I realised that I wasn't on the right road. I mean, I was, in that my GPS was telling me that I was going in the right direction - but my grand plan for crossing the Pennines was to use the utterly beautiful Snake Pass, not the HGV-filled Woodhead Pass.

Thankfully, I struck lucky with the traffic - I guess that's the perk of riding on a Saturday morning:

Another lone cyclist, on the Woodhead Pass

In the end, I think I probably made the right call route-planning over Woodhead; it was actually remarkably not-very-steep at all, more of a windy and slow ascent, and quite pleasant on a quiet morning.

There weren't many photos for the rest of the ride; I was conscious of time creeping along, so my only records between then and the café were a video of some roadside chemistry in the form of sachets of electrolyte drink and 1500mls of water, with the recording stopped rapidly, as I realised I was shaking my bottle too hard and it was going to explode - and a celebratory snapshot of the sign welcoming me to the County of North Yorkshire.

I texted shortly after, from Selby, giving the one hour warning to friends and my mum, who had decided when I was somewhere near Barnsley to hop on a train and see if she could beat me there - she did, although I think TransPennine Express gave her quite the unfair advantage! - and almost exactly an hour later, I pulled to a stop outside the café, and looked down at my GPS/clock just in time to hear Kieran say "And what time do you call this?!" - to which I happily replied: "5 hours and 11 minutes of moving time since I left home, so about 20 minutes earlier than expected!"

(OK, so I was also about an hour later than planned; I blame the Yorkshire hills and my faulty lungs for that. The "moving time" is the important figure to me!)

So then there was all the food, fruit juice, delicious cake, and a celebratory photo at York station before getting the train home:

Celebrations with the bike in York

Next adventure: Dark Peak Grimpeur, a 106km randonneur with many many hills - my first Audax not on the back of [personal profile] damerell's tandem. Hoping to take the camcorder out that I received last Christmas with the intent of video-blogging my time in Finland, and doing an on-the-move ride report...
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Written July 2015, post-dated to the day of the ride for some kind of historical accuracy.

Last month I did the Great Manchester Cycle for the second time; the 52 mile distance again, but the difference this time being that I started cycle-commuting earlier this year, and whilst I only started riding real distances... well, on the day of the GMC, it's definitely helped with my fitness levels to be on my bike almost every day for the best part of six months!

The day was plagued from the beginning, with a puncture before I even started; thankfully, Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op were on hand to give me a new tube and get me to the start line with minutes to spare...

Bicycle being fixed by a mechanic At the start line of GMC 2015

I was riding with a colleague, at least up until mile 10, where she overtook a few slower cyclists ahead of us, and I wasn't able to catch her straightaway, and since she has a faster pace than I do, she was long gone by the time I'd passed the slow bunch in front of me. We exchanged a few texts along the route, but in the end we didn't see each other again til the finish line.

About a third of the way into the second lap of the 13 mile route, I heard a familiar hissing from my back tyre and realised I had another puncture - upon inspection, there was a stone pushing its way through the rim of the tyre itself, one that looked remarkably like those on the towpath between my friend's flat and the start of the ride... I concluded that whilst my puncture from the beginning of the day had been fixed, the stone that I could see had been the cause, and having not been removed, had done double duty. Fortunately, it was a slow puncture, so I hopped back on the bike and thrashed my way along one more mile to the feed station, where other mechanics from EBC were hanging out ready to help people, and so my bike ended up in surgery again:

Bike being fixed... again!

I also took a moment to natter with the St John Ambulance volunteers (unfortunately, since it turned out that unlike in 2014, entering the feed stations didn't stop your ride timer...) and had a bit of a stretch.

The final two-and-a-half laps continued without event (or photos) - I beat my way around the course and finished, unofficially/according to Strava in ten minutes less time than in 2014. I got stuck behind a slower rider again as I went for the finish line so couldn't do a sprint finish - but there's always next year!

After the ride, I then rode up to Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op's shop to pay for the gear that I got off them, since their stands on the ride were cash-only; whilst there, I decided to buy a front tyre so that I had matching tyres (as the replacement given to me during the ride was a skinnier, slicker tyre than my previous ones, and I wanted front and back to match - plus it generally being a good idea to know how much wear your tyres have had. I then rode back to the stadium where the ride started and finished, as of course, having paid for the second tyre, there were none in the shop as they were all made available for the ride ;)

In the trip back up to the stadium, I ended up puncturing again, though thankfully the front tyre this time - and EBC, to their credit, replaced the tube for me for free when I got there - I ended up buying one tube and two tyres, and getting two free ones - the first because they caused my second puncture in not removing the stone from my tyre, and the second just because I'd already been out of my way to the shop once that day and they felt sorry for me ;)

Admittedly, part of the jaunt down to the shop was to pick up extra mileage for a Strava challenge, and so during the day I ended up riding just over 115km, or 75 miles - in about 4.5 hours. I was very impressed with myself - and very, very tired. (Also grateful to have apparently found a post-exercise protein shake that doesn't taste like death - the High5 banana/vanilla flavour, when mixed with milk, is actually quite palatable, and I had pleasingly DOMS-free legs the days afterwards, hopefully not a coincidence as I then went and bought another 12 sachets of the stuff for future rides!)

Exhausted post-ride, but happy!

Said [twitter.com profile] benjimmin of the above photo: "You are the most dignified person that exists."
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I appear to have successfully circumnavigated an entire sun 26 times. Go me!

A small but wonderful collection of friends came round yesterday to celebrate by way of a barbecue, and we basically just chatted and played board games until midnight, a very chilled and wonderful party.

I also made a truly marvellous raspberry and mint cheesecake, which lasted all of about 10 minutes from cutting to the last slice being enjoyed.


I'm not generally in the habit of gift-bragging, but I was most pleased by the books about photography, a set of neutral density grad filters, trips to Alton Towers and photopit access at a VNV Nation gig (in September and November respectively), and new headphones.

Leftover barbecue notmeat was enjoyed for breakfast, and then [twitter.com profile] maznu and I did some CSS hackery for my soon-to-be-relaunched photography website, finally finishing the structure and layout, leaving me with photoshoots to get published (for Apocalypse Girls) and some street photography to do at Manchester Pride in a couple of weeks. (For this, I have acquired some super-saturated colour film from the land of eBay, made in Fuji's factory by Fuji but sold with a different label on it for half Fuji's price - success!)

James and I then went climbing, because our usual indoor wall allows people to climb for free on their birthday, and [twitter.com profile] maznu observed and took photos (with some hilarious results that will of course make it onto the internet in the next few days). Then we came home, did more website hackery, ate more leftover notmeats, cuddled and watched TV, and then he went home and left me to make soup to take on placement with me the rest of this week.

In short, a happy weekend, hooray :)
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I've been thinking this week, about being a Londoner.

I wasn’t born there, and I no longer live there, but I experienced a weird feeling of being home when I stepped off my coach at Victoria on Saturday. I first declared that city my second home half a decade ago, and it feels like nothing and everything has changed.

I was so engrossed in my book that I hadn't noticed our pace slow as we left the motorway, and I looked up and out of the window somewhere near Finsbury Park, and seeing a familiar red bus, and roundels everywhere, and I felt this sense of happiness and calm.

And when I think about what people say "makes" a Londoner, it's the daft things like knowing where to stand on the Tube platform, so that when you get off the train again you can make your escape quickly, and instinctively knowing where your Oyster is at all times. It's knowing that if you want to change from the Victoria to Northern line, you should avoid Euston at all costs and go for Warren Street instead. It's looking at the lights lining the Thames after the sun has set, and loving them like you would stars in the country. It's having a favourite indie coffee shop. It's being defensive about which side of the river is better - south, in case you hadn't realised. It's the comforting rumble of the Tube trains you profess to hate (and your Twitter app remembering the hashtag #TfaiL, for ease of making your friends in other cities cringe and sigh...)

I will always be a Northern lass, as I put it over the weekend, a Mancunian even. ([twitter.com profile] tomscott remarked, somehow surprised: "your accent has got so much more Manchester while you've been gone!", as if I'd only really left for a holiday...)

...but I reckon I'm still a Londoner too, in a small way.

Even if I do make eye contact with people on the bus now and again.

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Nursing degrees don't quite work like normal degrees. Instead of studying for most of the year (bar a couple of weeks mid-winter) and then getting almost three months off over the summer, the academic year runs March to March (for my cohort) and I'm allotted 7 weeks annual leave per year (a generous 3 extra weeks on top of AL given to newly qualified nurses working for the NHS). So when I found out when my weeks off for the year were, I planned this trip to Oxford, having promised myself a weekend off from the rest of life when I last visited back in December. (At the time I made myself that promise, I didn't know I'd be studying already, or even at all, which has made the weekend away even more valuable.)

So it's been great! We kickstarted the weekend with a return to George & Danver, because what trip to Oxford is complete without G&Ds ice cream? I had a coffee waffle sundae topped with nuts and hot chocolate fudge sauce, to celebrate my exam results (85% hellyeah!) and reaching my goal weight (mmm, delicious irony).

It was incredibly tasty, and even bigger than it looks in the photo. I struggled to finish it. I may have to go back to brownie next time...

On Saturday, Dan and I went geocaching, intending to cycle down the road to the cyclepath along the river and grabbing part of a new series that have popped up called "On yer bike". After the first cache, Dan said "before we go, it looks like there's another one not too far from here..." and that turned into another one, which was a multicache that we had to abandon our bikes to retrieve because... well, off-piste wouldn't do that particular adventure justice, and then we finally got "On yer bike 1" ... on foot.


Somewhere in the middle of it all, we found a caterpillar whose face bore a slight resemblance to that of a badger.

So then we had to explore the woods again, to find our bikes. By this point, all that was on either of our minds was a delicious cold drink, so we headed home for dinner. I made curry for everyone, and we played Charades, Articulate! and Cards Against Humanity.

Today, we had a lazy morning and I asked Dan to be my good conscience and stop me buying my red dress. His attempts to do this could be summed up as: "when I'm looking at sale items, if I know I can afford it soon, I'll buy them whilst they're cheap" and at the point at which I realised I'd already worked the hours I needed to to pay for about 75% of not just a beautiful red glitzy dress but a bright purple petticoat to wear underneath it as well... all that stood between me and my debit card was checking with the store which size I should probably be wearing. And they were very helpful...

I then went out geocaching again, solo this time, and picked up another four (bringing my total, both this year and for the weekend, to nine) and remembered how much I really enjoy it, and that I should do it again. I got to explore some more of Radley, and hoover up the others within a sensible circular route of Earth, as my hosts are buying a house on the other side of Oxford at the moment, which means I almost certainly won't return here again. At one point, my GPS literally led me into a tree, and when I looked up upon emerging (having found the geocache buried in its bowels) I felt bizarrely like I'd come out in rural USA rather than Oxfordshire:

Anyway, I am back on Earth now, and thinking about packing my rucksack up again ready for the train home, as the weekend appears to have passed far too quickly again, but also about all the other exciting things happening soon:
  • Several photoshoots this week, both as photographer and model
  • London next weekend! (Pembury, 6pm, Saturday, be there!)
  • Two parties the weekend after - one for Stockport Beer Festival volunteers, and one for Simon's birthday
  • Edinburgh the following weekend
  • Shooting with Apocalypse Girls in Nottingham at the end of July
  • The day after that, I go out on placement again, for two months this time... fortunately Monday-Friday 9-5!
  • First weekend of August: my birthday BBQ, and climbing at Awesome Walls on the day itself
  • Then Alison's wedding party
  • St John Ambulance training weekend (which is probably unexciting in and of itself, but it does mean I will be able to go on duty again soon, which I haven't done for many many months!
  • After that it's Pride weekend, and photography opportunities galore...
  • And then James turns 17, and we're having a birthday BBQ for him too

...which takes us to my next free weekend, the 7th/8th September (which may find me in Oxford for a housewarming...)

I like to keep busy :)
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OK, confession time.

Weight-loss discussion and photos )

I'm still very much in favour of the Health at Every Size and fat+ movements, only now I've discovered that I wasn't as healthy as I thought when I was bigger, and now that I am healthier, fitter and leaner, I feel wonderful.

I've achieved a hell of a lot for myself and my health, and I wanted to finally share it. So to those who have known what I've been up to and have supported me, thank you. I couldn't have done this without you <3

Wearing a corset in Maz's kitchen studio today Studio portrait from today's after shoot
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In October last year, a skydiver called Felix Baumgartner leapt out of a helium ballon and did a 4 minute 20 second freefall through space, before parachuting to Earth. In a genius marketing ploy, indoor skydiving company Airkix offered the equivalent amount of time in one of their windtunnels for £42. (I don't recall seeing a reference to the life, the universe and everything in the publicity - either I missed it, or they missed a trick. Anyway.)

Yesterday, I finally got round to cashing in my voucher for some flight time, and it was truly amazing :D they broke my voucher down into two lots of 1'15" and one super long 1'50" flight (the third one being almost the equivalent to a tandem skydive) - and on the last one, I was given the chance to spiral to the top of the tunnel with the instructor, and then freefall to the bottom again. It was AMAZING.


[twitter.com profile] maznu is now talking about us doing a bungee jump over Salford Quays :)
Mar. 1st, 2013 01:24 pm

so it goes.

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"The most important thing I learned on Tralfamadore was that when a person dies he only appears to die. He is still very much alive in the past, so it is very silly for people to cry at his funeral. All moments, past, present and future, always have existed, always will exist."
Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse-Five

I had this tattooed today, the fifth anniversary of my stepfather's death, as a memento of him and his time in my life. The words "so it goes" appear in the book 106 times, whenever death or the unexplainable are touched upon, and are such incredibly powerful words, a reminder that life will always go on even after our bodies have expired, in the hearts and minds of everyone we touch; a reminder that we are infinitesimal and yet everything to those we love.
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Here's a photo of me chilling out after work one evening a few weeks ago:

A photo of me hanging from abseiling ropes and smiling, whilst giving thumbs up to the camera.
Apr. 14th, 2012 11:40 pm


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TIL that high ropes courses and remaining dignified do not go hand-in-hand.

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I did it!

Best moment (aside from getting to Brighton of course) was sitting at some traffic lights in Battersea at 00:30, where a partygoer asked us "why are you all on your bikes at midnight?" to which [personal profile] damerell replied "we're going to Brighton for breakfast!"

Have raised £800 so far and donations are still coming in. I'm dead chuffed today. And a bit tired :)

Photo by [personal profile] damerell.
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Two tattoos of the words create and love
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  • I met people from the internet! They really exist outside of my computer!
  • I ate Humphry Slocombe ice cream and it was divine.
  • I went to a Portuguese food festival with [personal profile] jd and [personal profile] ryan, and explored SF. My favourite form of tourism is seeing it from a local's POV :)
  • Lots of geocaching!
  • I also visited Kitty in Berkeley, and she introduced me to bubble tea and took me out for sushi :)
  • I went to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Raygun Gothic Rocketship at Embarcadero.
  • Rae and her partner Ken treated me to brunch at Boogaloos.
  • More Humphry Slocombe, because I could. Salted chocolate ice cream is to die for.
  • I stayed in Hayes Valley, Ingleside Heights and Pacifica, and I got to see the Pacific Ocean up close for the first time :)
  • I played lots of Quao after acquiring my own copy in Berkeley.

Tomorrow, I get to meet [personal profile] zorkian, then [personal profile] azurelunatic is dropping me off at the airport. It all feels like it's gone rather too quickly, and I kinda sort of wish I didn't have to come home.
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Whilst up north this weekend I was digging through about 15 years worth of family photos - basically everything my mum hoarded since she left my father. I was particularly looking for photos of my dad and I, which was particularly difficult as it was usually either him or me behind the camera, but there are a few.

I also found some great ones of me from when I was massively into cycling just before my accident, and some other crackers as well - seriously, seven year old me had the best fashion sense ever *grin*

Anyway, I have a few to share:

Old photos )

1: I was far-sighted as a kid, and wore the awful NHS issue glasses in the photos from about 4 until shortly after my 8th birthday, but then developed near-sightedness at about 12 or so and have been wearing (slightly more stylish) glasses ever since.
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We got back from the Seth Lakeman/Levellers gig about an hour ago. It was great, though they played a few songs I didn't recognise and only three that I was really hoping for. Seth Lakeman was also really good, and played both the songs I wanted :)

I'm not too sure on the set lists this time, as I couldn't always make out what was being said between songs. Still, if my guesses are accurate:

Seth opened with a song from his new album which I think he said was Hearts and Minds, and then Preacher's Ghost. After that, one of the ones I was hoping for, King and Country, followed by Solomon Brown, Changes and then the second of the two I was hoping for, Setting of the Sun. Finally, The Watchman, The Riflemen of War, Jar of Hearts, Ye Mariners All, Poor Man's Heaven and Kitty Jay. For his encore, he played Race to be King.

The Levellers didn't introduce any of their songs, so I'm somewhat relying on the lyrics I could make out and Google. I think they opened with No Change and I didn't recognise the next two after that, but from there we had:
  1. Beautiful Day (on my list of songs they had to play!)
  2. World's Gone Away
  3. Too Real
  4. (Another song I didn't catch.)
  5. One Way (one of the ones on my wishlist)
  6. Boatman (another of my favourites)
  7. World Freak Show
  8. Carry Me
  9. Barrel of a Gun
  10. The Cholera Well
  11. (Encore) What You Know

The people in front of us looked round mid-way through One Way and grinned at me, presumably because I knew all the words and singing along loudly, and we started dancing together - it was awesome :)
I was really hoping that they would play some of my other favourites (Hope Street, Sell Out, Fifteen Years, Another Man's Cause and Belaruse, to name just a few...) as well, but it was a good set anyway.

Tomorrow is Cambridge and Regina Spektor, yay! <3

Photography by [personal profile] ses/LightCapturePaper; Licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.
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Wheeeee! I went to my first music festival this weekend - Latitude.

We arrived shortly after nine and pitched [personal profile] mattp's tent on the day camper's field, and then wandered off to the festival area itself. We explored the woods, saw the Lyric Hammersmith perform a brilliant version of Midsummer Night's Dream, and then after some wandering around and spotting things like interesting coloured sheep

and an artist painting in what looked like a toilet but he assured us wasn't

we went to lie in the sun by the Obelisk arena and half-heartedly listened to Corinne Bailey Rae's set, and then caught Frank Turner, whose music I have now gone from liking to loving, particularly Photosynthesis ("I won't sit down, I won't shut up, and most of all I will not grow up..." ♥) and then immediately afterwards, one of the highlights of the weekend, James.

I have wanted to see James live for years, and I was already tempted to go to Latitude before I found out that they would be performing as I knew that Belle & Sebastian were playing (another group I have longed to see for years) — but finding out that James were playing sealed the deal. Having slowly made our way to the front of the crowd during the soundcheck, we were only a few rows back by the time James came on stage and able to see and hear everything perfectly. It was amazing.

[livejournal.com profile] mattp took down the setlist, and I've located YouTube videos and put together a Spotify playlist:
  1. Bubbles
  2. Ring the Bells
  3. Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
  4. Tomorrow
  5. I Wanna Go Home
  6. Out to Get You
  7. Stutter
  8. Sit Down
  9. Sound
  10. Sometimes
  11. Laid

I loved hearing the new ones (to me), and they played all the ones I was really hoping for as well: Sit Down and Sometimes (who can't love those songs?!) and Ring the Bells.

We then headed off to find some food and sat around talking a while before going to watch Crystal Castles doing... I don't even know. The singer appeared to be smashed out of her face, though, so it was an amusing watch, even if the "music" was only just tolerable. Epic lulz when the audience stole her microphone and shoes when she tried crowd-surfing.

After that, Belle & Sebastian! Before they started playing, [livejournal.com profile] mattp pointed out a young kid standing in front of us and whispered "do you think he was even born when they formed?" - I said no, and we joked for a few minutes about it before talking about tracks we wanted to hear, at which point the little kid turned round and demonstrated a better working knowledge of the discography than Matt and I put together. Oops!
Anyway, the setlist was fab, and the performance great as ever:
  1. I'm a Cuckoo
  2. Step Into My Office Baby
  3. The State I Am In
  4. I'm Not Living In The Real World (from the forthcoming album)
  5. If You're Feeling Sinister
  6. Sukie in the Graveyard
  7. Fox in the Snow
  8. Jumping Jack Flash - this is the very performance I saw!
  9. Funny Little Frog
  10. Boy with the Arab Strap
  11. If You Find Yourself Caught In Love
  12. Judy and the Dream of Horses
  13. Sleep the Clock Around
  14. Encore: Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
  15. Encore: Legal Man
The set could only have been better if they'd played Piazza, New York Catcher, The Blues Are Still Blue or It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career.

Sit Down was still running through my head even after the B&S set as we were going to bed; if I absolutely had to choose between the two as the highlight of the day, I think it would be James.

We grabbed some more food after the set, then wandered off to the tent again. We both struggled to sleep, me from cold and discomfort1 and [livejournal.com profile] mattp just from the hard ground, though we managed to get a few hours in the end, and I slept on the bus and train back to London in the morning. We came back to Greenwich to dump bags and play some games, and then headed off to [twitter.com profile] kittystryker's housecooling party before she returns to the US.

1: lesson learnt for next year: a sleeping bag alone will not protect you from stoney ground. Especially not a thin one. I was so glad to make it back to bed again last night!
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Centuries of development in science, politics, philosophy and the arts have brought us to the pinnacle of human achievement...

The topiary squirrel.

A squirrel carved in a hedge; sort of has to be seen to be believed...
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Our latest stunt against the Digital Economy Bill happened today: we attempted to serve the head of UK Music, with a disconnection notice. No, really. This is no April Fools: we actually did.

Sadly, shortly after we arrived, the doors were closed and we weren't able to give the notice to Mr Sharkey himself, so we left it on the doorstep for him.
Mar. 29th, 2010 02:07 am


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Today, I climbed part of Mam Tor with Alison, her partner and her kids. It was a really amazingly beautiful day.

We had a picnic, with sushi, crisps, stringy cheese and chocolate, but not all at once.

Then we walked a bit further and we flew kites.

When the littlest one got tired, we went back to Alison's to cuddle guinea pigs and play silly games on the Wii, and then Alison dropped me off at home again. I fixed the ready-to-roll icing disaster on the birthday cake Elizabeth made for mum whilst I was out, and then we sat down with pizza and watched TV.

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