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I don't work at the moment, but I can write about the last job I did, and the job I want to do next.

My last job was to do fun things with children who were away from home for a few days with other children and maybe their teachers or some other grown-up they know. The fun things they did with me were things like firing guns, working out hard problems and climbing up walls. I watched the children do the fun things and helped to keep them safe.

I am asking people to give me a job where I can do things like clean and dress people who are sick, give them food, help them to move about and use the bathroom and make their beds. I will also have to check things like how hot or cold they are, how much their heart is beating, how many breaths they take and how heavy they are.

One day, I want to go back to school so I can learn how to do this job even better.

What I do for work, as written in the Splasho Up-Goer Five editor.

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