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My granddad died quite suddenly at some point in the last few days. He was found by his neighbour yesterday, who went to check on him because he was feeling "a bit funny" last week, and called us this morning giving us the news.

We used to be close, but since he emigrated, he's been a distant part of our lives in more ways than one - and because of a petty family feud in 2007, I can't even remember when it was I last saw him, or talked even. (I told him where to stick his bullshit claims that homeopathy and ionised water would cure my terminally ill stepdad, and my mum refused to tell me off for it. He spent the remaining 2½ weeks of his visit ignoring us, before going back to Spain and has hardly spoken to my mum or I since.)

It came as something of a surprise - as far as we knew he was fit and healthy - but our feeling is that he was a cantankerous 80 year old man who had survived two heart attacks (including one at the top of a ladder) and 60 odd years of smoking, so he'd had a pretty good run at life, and we're just glad this didn't follow a long drawn-out illness. It was time to give up, so he did.