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Quote to sum up my most fun conversation today: "He only died once!"

(As much as I would love it if my stepdad had come back to life since 2008, it's just not scientifically possible. You'd think seeing the death certificate once would be enough though…)
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Everyone is home this weekend for a change, so we are all sitting down for a roast "like a family". It's my job to acquire the chicken. I was told to go out early before butcher ran out; I knew this wouldn't go well because I didn't sleep til 1am having taken Ritalin at 8pm.

But I didn't realise how little my brain would function.

Me: "I'm looking for a chicken."
Butcher: "What kind?"
Me: "…a dead one?"
Butcher: *falls apart laughing* "Medium or large?"

I need coffee.
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Favourite moment of university so far is my anatomy lecturer's scathing criticism of vampires seen on a TV documentary:
"These self-described vampires, they use anti-clotting agents when they phlebotomise their mates, so that they don't end up like flat-cap wearing Lancashire blokes chowing down on a black pudding... the mix of intelligence and sheer stupidity is astounding."

Student life continues to be excellent. The workload is intense but manageable, I'm maintaining a social life both in and out of uni, and I'm utterly knackered but still very excited.

Tomorrow I find out where my first placement will be, which means that although I'm on a self-directed study day, I will probably be awake at an ungodly hour so that I can type up last week's lecture notes continuously hit refresh on the Blackboard site.

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I was in Oxford this weekend, to catch up with Dan, [twitter.com profile] misterjta and [livejournal.com profile] fleeblewidget, who I've not seen in far too long (getting on for 18 months), play some board games and eat late night ice cream. (Hooray G&D's!)

I was introduced to several new games - 7 Wonders, Dominion, Playtest and expansions, Cash'n'Guns and then, as people on Twitter may have noticed, Articulate! - the latter of which was probably far more fun than is truly legal. Some of the descriptions and answers that came up were truly brilliant. (If I do say so myself - and I was responsible for a fair few of them.)

“Think it might have some oil but probably not. Sandy.”
(I don't remember what it was, but it wasn't that.)

“Surname like a rock.”
“Pebbles Flintstone!”
(Sharon Stone, apparently.)

“It’s like a computer but makes a much more satisfying noise!”
(Typewriter, I'm told - although at one point I thought it might have been a dot matrix printer.)

“It goes ARF ARF ARF and claps!”
(The right answer, seal, was remembered moments later.)

“Has mods and rockers, a massive gay scene and is on the south coast of England!”
“John O’Groats!”
(Only a few miles away from Brighton, for sure.)

“It’s a vegetable. You can pickle it.”
(Further proving why I would make a crap vegan.)

“It’s what you do when you’re not pulling!”
(Whilst possibly true, the correct answer was pushing.)

“You do it to someone if you're monogamous and love them very much, it involves exchanging things…”
“Hugs? Kissing? Sex!”
(Marriage is apparently the more obvious and correct answer.)

“Scottish king that beat the English”
"Malcolm, Bruce, James, they’re bloody all called James, it’s gotta be James!”
(It wasn't, but I was laughing too hard to find out who it really was.)

“It’s when you call a ceasefire!”
“Give up!”
(True, but I think the word on the card was "truce".)

“When you bang things together they are…”
(Collision - but again, loud is probably accurate too.)

“God counts the fall of every one of them, small flying things?”
(Starlings are generally more often seen with wings than kittens. Well, NOW they tell me.)

“It’s a safe place that you go to hide…”
(Matt's duvet is his "sanctuary" but it wasn't close enough...)

“Actor, black-and-white, very sexy?”
“Charlie Chaplin!”
(In my defence, I started speaking before the sexy bit was added.)

“I think it’s the capital of Spain.”
“No, it’s not the capital of Spain, is it?”
(Milan and Madrid used to confuse me as well.)


And then the ones where answers were obvious but descriptions cracked us up:
"Like a DVD but crap and with tracking issues!”

“It’s small and spiky and lives in bonfires!”

"The patron thingy of Scotland!"

“Horse with lumps!”

"The Star Wars guy who isn't Disney!"

“Trouser…” followed by a wiggly hand motion

So, plenty added to my wishlist, including an embosser label maker which can be far more fun than you'd think if you use it in, er, different ways. (They labelled the underside of the coffee table "maybe you should stop drinking" and I labelled my Kindle "not a book".)

And, thanks to Cards Against Humanity, the word "dickfingers" will be forever hilarious. Think Edward Scissorhands, but more phallic. We think.

I left threatening to return sometime before the end of June. That gives us 26 weekends, and I've only written 3 of them out of my calendar so far. I'm sure it's doable...

And now it's Monday, and I'm three hours and four mugs of coffee into my day, and only just waking up. Definitely a sign of a good weekend.
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From: Katie Sutton
To: Freecycle Greenwich, Freecycle Lewisham
Date: June 13th 2011
Time: 15:16 (29 minutes ago)
Subject: OFFERED: mixed bag of clothes SE*

Binbag of clothes, sizes 14-18. All to go as one bag. Pick up only.


From: j******r@yahoo.com
To: Katie
Date: June 13th 2011
Time: 15:38 (6 minutes ago)

hi katie please do you still have clothes

oh dear.


I didn't reply "No, I'm joining a nudist colony, you can have all my clothes."

But I was really, really tempted to.
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The scene is London Hackspace. It is 2:30am and samthetechie enters the space to a fanfare of music. Several people look up and see him carrying a large white container which he hadn't been carrying when he left.

[personal profile] tajasel: what is that?
samthetechie: (in a tone that indicates the answer should be obvious) a plant pot?
[personal profile] tajasel: but... why?
samthetechie: just... because?

Well, of course. Every Hackspace needs a plantpot...
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I just called [personal profile] alextiefling from the bus to ask where I might find gaffer tape at 10pm on a Thursday evening.

Evidently having misheard me, he informed me that Sainsburys sell good budget Jaffa Cakes that most people can eat.

Correcting him with the phrase "No, gaffer tape, not Jaffa Cakes!" caused several of the passengers around me to start giggling, and one of them to say "I wouldn't want to eat gaffer tape!", which then set me off giggling and unable to finish the conversation :)
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Today, I went up to Cambridge to see [personal profile] damerell and ride his tandem. He bought me beer and food, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time :)

[personal profile] nanaya suggested that "stoking [personal profile] damerell's tandem" sounds absolutely filthy, thoroughly obscene, and that whatever it is a euphemism for is probably illegal in Utah.

[personal profile] damerell replied that "well, it's hot and sweaty and best with two people moving rythmically in unison..." which is quite true, and you do get a lot of people pointing and staring in amazement when you do it in public, even in Cambridge, but really, it was quite innocent.

Yeah, I probably wouldn't believe me either.
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[livejournal.com profile] holizz: does this security advisory mean we have to stop using blink tags?
Harry: I'm afraid so.
[personal profile] tajasel: I don't think the Internet is going to suffer any great loss here.
[livejournal.com profile] holizz: What?! Next, you'll be suggesting we deprecate <font>!
[personal profile] tajasel: No, <marquee> is higher on my priority list.
[livejournal.com profile] holizz: You win.
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I'm at home for the weekend, and we're watching The IT Crowd on TV. Just now, James spotted an Open Rights Group poster on the wall of the set, and pointed and shouted excitedly: "KATIEKATIEKATIE LOOK! Is that who you work for? Do you work for Roy and Moss?"

No, James, not quite. But wouldn't that be awesome?
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I have 9 minutes to boil water and make hard boiled eggs for dinner. Struggling to think of a way this could actually be possible, I ask [personal profile] volucris for help.

Me: how do I make this water boil faster?
[personal profile] volucris: yes
Me: no, *how*?
[personal profile] volucris: oh. Decompress the pan.
Me: again, how?
[personal profile] volucris: I don't have an answer for everything!
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[personal profile] zeke_hubris: "Have you eaten?"
Me: "...define eaten."
[personal profile] zeke_hubris: "With food."
Me: "...yes?"
[personal profile] zeke_hubris: *raises one eyebrow*
Me: "Have I eaten a sensible amount? ...no, probably not. I had a sandwich though."
[personal profile] zeke_hubris: *continues with the cynical expression*
Me: "what?! You only asked if I'd eaten!"

...well, I think I had a perfectly valid point.