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Here's a photo of me chilling out after work one evening a few weeks ago:

A photo of me hanging from abseiling ropes and smiling, whilst giving thumbs up to the camera.
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I now live in Shropshire, in a tent.

In the last week, I have perfected the dance moves for the Macarena, and discovered the truth in how the least paid jobs are often the most rewarding and fulfilling. I'm very happy.

That said, I can't wait to move into accommodation with four walls, electricity and running water :)
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About 20 minutes ago, I get a phonecall off my manager, asking me to reset the boss' password, text it to him and ask him to please not forget his password when the main administrator is on a train without Internet access.

So, I booted up my Windows laptop, started VMware, went to the required server... and realised my own password is long and complicated enough to be nicely secure, but also flipping annoying to type in manually. Go to webmail, change my own password, log in to the server and reset the boss' password. Send the new password to the boss, and return to my other laptop at my desk.

And then I thought, "what did I just change my password to?"

Fortunately, I didn't log out of the Windows laptop when I was done, so I was able to return to VMware to reset my own password again. I am feeling a bit daft now, anyway.
Apr. 15th, 2010 04:58 pm


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Today, I told my boss that my gtimelog records show that I've worked more unpaid overtime than actual paid hours, and he told me he'd be filing it in the "evidence that Katie's pretty crazy" folder. Hrm.
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[livejournal.com profile] holizz: does this security advisory mean we have to stop using blink tags?
Harry: I'm afraid so.
[personal profile] tajasel: I don't think the Internet is going to suffer any great loss here.
[livejournal.com profile] holizz: What?! Next, you'll be suggesting we deprecate <font>!
[personal profile] tajasel: No, <marquee> is higher on my priority list.
[livejournal.com profile] holizz: You win.
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Our latest stunt against the Digital Economy Bill happened today: we attempted to serve the head of UK Music, with a disconnection notice. No, really. This is no April Fools: we actually did.

Sadly, shortly after we arrived, the doors were closed and we weren't able to give the notice to Mr Sharkey himself, so we left it on the doorstep for him.
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I made a thing, a demonstration against disconnection, and people came, and it was brilliant!

Protestors by amilm

Photo Protestors originally uploaded by amilm and released under cc-by license.

I get to go into work late tomorrow, so that I can observe the Parliamentary session in which the timetable for the next few weeks will be debated and announced, hoping for the love of everything that our representatives will do the sensible thing, the right thing, and not allow it to be rushed through in a matter of minutes.

Oh, yeah, also, Cory Doctorow hugged me.

Day of WIN.
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I'm at home for the weekend, and we're watching The IT Crowd on TV. Just now, James spotted an Open Rights Group poster on the wall of the set, and pointed and shouted excitedly: "KATIEKATIEKATIE LOOK! Is that who you work for? Do you work for Roy and Moss?"

No, James, not quite. But wouldn't that be awesome?
Dec. 3rd, 2009 11:12 pm


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I've just arrived home from a day in London for my interview with the Open Rights Group. I got the job, and start tomorrow!

I had some hours to kill before my train home, so I decided to stop off for celebratory sushi at St Pancras station before getting the train home (having decided the interview went pretty well) and I got the phonecall whilst I was eating, asking me to come back to the office to sign a contract :)

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